Open letter

Open Letter Spiritual Leaders

Movement of love and peace
We sent an open letter to the top 100 spiritual leaders (Watson top 100) for the joint organization of a movement of love and peace. People can commit themselves through prayer, meditation and any other expression of love to each other and anyone who needs it. The goal is to create and manifest so much love that it has a lasting impact on the world.

Both believers and non-believers should aim at a movement of loving cooperation by believing in a better world and actively working on it, without wanting to repent and have endless discussions. We believe that each and everyone has the right to have his breathing space to have his own spiritual development.

A movement of love and peace will bring a lot of energy together -the whole is much more than the sum of the parts- certainly at a global level. We are convinced that it can lead to major changes and perhaps even to a tipping point and critical mass to speed up solutions for the problems in the world.

For example, four initiatives that are currently in line with this goal are:

1.Global Hearts Coherence Initiative
which is a major international effort aimed at activating the heart of humanity and promoting peace, harmony and a shift in global awareness. GCI conducts groundbreaking research into the interconnection between humanity and the magnetic fields and energetic systems of the earth.

For a video about GCI click here. World Peace through inner Peace: engages on periodic days of meditation for world peace.

3.The Shift Network

‘We call ourselves the Shift Network because it will take millions of connected, activated, inspired citizens to enact the changes that are possible. A network of inspired hearts, awakened minds, and dedicated souls.’


‘The WE Campaign of We, The World unites and amplifies the efforts of people, organizations and global movements working for the common good’.