TransforMap works towards an online platform to visualize the myriad of alternatives to the dominant economic thinking on a single mapping system. It will give everyone the opportunity to map the initiatives, communities, projects, worker-owned, self-managed, democratically organised companies and other institutions dedicated to meeting people’s needs, serving the common good and/ or contributing to a sustainable way of life.


Most municipalities, counties and states will have some sort of GIS data portal. These are sites where publicly available mapping data can be downloaded and are best found with an internet search. Those are simply too numerous to list. However, the list below is a good starting point for commonly used national GIS datasets.

Green Industries SA, the Agency that maintains the Share N Save project and this website are looking for people with ideas on how to expand and adapt the Share N Save map, and the software. Get in touch with us if you are interested or you’d like more information.

Currently we are working with The Urban Engagement Team at Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges to map assets and resource for their stakeholders.

The book / open proposal gives you such a detailed introduction to and overview over the complex reality of transitioning, because I strongly believe that influential tools should explain all reasons for all design aspects in a way that is accessible for all.

If the proposed design is built, you don’t need to inform yourself about the big picture of transitioning and all its complex details anymore, you learn while you use, connect and contribute value. That was the implicit design goal.