Critical loneliness

Are you never lonely?
That’s hard to believe: many people are lonely and often do not dare to share that with their surroundings. There are the more obvious cases such as neglected children, widows or divorced people, those with mental disorders or those who are ignored by their physical ‘shortcomings’. Others are overworked or do not feel support from the people around them. And many of us are literally consumed by our crazy society in which you try to keep up with the Johnson’s. Make money, performance, status, school pressure etc., we all know it.

The symptoms are often question-related: how could it be or how can it be better – still based on a future alone? It’s hard to tell others that you’re lonely. Some go for a long time on a trek in nature, looking for themselves. Others flee in anti-depressants, do drugs, seek fake contacts on social media, get addicted to porn, games or go straight to suicide.


There are many important things in life that you can not do alone like playing a game, sharing or make love, having fun together, having a drink, sharing your problems or happy moments, crawling together on the couch, an arm put around you; in short, all the essential things in life.

You’re never lonely? Help others. A simple chat, letter, card, game, walk or anything outdoors does miracles. For you too. Because sooner or later everyone becomes lonely. And then you can use the mutual assistance of people who ever felt lonely as well. Everyone has his/her phases, sometimes happy, sometimes lonely.

By working together on a social level, we create a nicer world where hopefully at one moment a critical mass of love will arise and nobody should be more unhappy or lonely.

Three Colours: Blue (1993) Krzysztof Kieslowski
Her (2013): Andrew Lowry
It’s not just the elderly who suffer from loneliness: The Age of Loneliness: Sue Bourne (2016)