Drugs deception by pharmacies

‘It is normal for pharmaceutical companies to have profit margins of over 20%. This is relatively high compared to other sectors, and as high as the profit in the software industry. The profit can not be explained by the high risk of investment in specific related R & D processes ‘(COM Report SEO, 2014). The explanation is that pharmaceutical companies often abuse their monopoly position of a specific drug and thereby demand an irreplaceable high price for the drug. ‘To keep expensive drugs affordable, profit margins for pharmaceutical companies should be tied to a maximum. That says Wouter Bos, chairman of the VU medical center in Amsterdam. According to Bos, a profit standard of maximum 10% is necessary because the pharmaceutical industry itself only comes with nonsense solutions’ (FD, 2017). They save on providing cheap, commonly used drugs by the GP to pay new expensive cancer therapies, which cost between 50.00 and 150.000 euros per patient each year.


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